I eat bricks, I poop Legos.

I eat bricks, I poop Legos. KarlJayHenri > Filipino-Chinese. Optimist. Music Enthusiast. Sleepy head. Side Sleeper. Food Lover. Dog Lover (Hi Cesar Millan) I want to go to Japan. I watch anime, jdorama. I read manga and I love j-pop. Eco-friendly . A Tender, Loving, and Caring Registered Nurse. Loves Mochi Balls of Eng Bee Tin *hungry. Fan of OneRepublic, TheScript, BoyceAvenue, Lifehouse, Hillsong, LinkinPark. Eraserheads, Paramore. Add me up on Facebook Follow me here on tumblr and on Twitter --Big thanks and xoxo :) If you will follow me then i'll hold your hand.

She’s my crush before.

When we first saw each other, well nothing actually happened. No slow motion effect, no sweet-background-music-that-makes-you-kilig, no sparkle thing, no butterflies in your stomach, no drooling, etc. Basically because we both had our own relationship before. But now, she’s my gf. :) Of course I am happy! After all those suplada thing, maldita thing, and rejections I have experienced, its like I won the Nobel prize award now that I have her. 

Arguments, roughness, conflicts, misunderstandings, . . etc - These are actually normal but the good news is, we still keep and love each other.

We are on a Long distance relationship right now. Yes, I know its hard but we have to be strong and firm. Though I wanted to be with her right now, I know it is impossible. We cant have everything that we want. Keep praying and hope for the best.

We’ll see each other soon again and I can’t wait for that moment to come.

Stolen shot din to. Promise!

Stolen shot din to. Promise!

Oh well.

You are willing to do everything just to win her heart but…

… it is inevitably painful though that sometimes, whatever you do seems like its not working.

Now, what really bothers you is that, before you make a move again, it gives you a thought of “Does this going to work?”. 

Sense of rejection eh?

"two of the most relaxing place on earth… Grocery store and restroom"



Things aren’t going so well. What a downer.

Life is not fair but God is fair. It may not be the one we asked for but God knows what is best for us. 

"To women, its not gonna hurt to show a little that you are interested if you are interested too because we men might thought that we don’t stand a chance. We men are putting a lot of effort here. Let me remind you that just by approaching you in the first place is so hard that even our iron balls melt like a cotton candy."

Karl Jay

Let it take its course.

The key here is “P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E”. You can’t just pull off the strings because you wanted to. Look at what happened to “500 Days Of Summer”. Expectation vs. Reality. Hell of a match yeah?

Don’t expect too much but hope for the best. 

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Boyce Avenue & Hannah Trigwell)

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